A Note to All Pee Wee League Coaches from your Commissioner...

Updated Wednesday March 8, 2017 by Rick Licursi.

1) The PeeWee League's goal is to teach basic baseball skills in a fun filled environment. Players should be encouraged to try many, if not all, positions on the field. Please do not push them if they really do not want to try a particular position.


2) The Pee Wee League is a coach pitch league that does not use umpires or keep score. Please keep in mind that the players DO keep score! Please encourage teamwork, effort and learning but do not get caught up in the "score" and winning or losing.


3) Try to have fun practices that teach the basics and keep the players engaged and busy. Small groups with coaches doing different drills works well.


4) For access to more information, videos and tips please register with Littleleague.org  to access the Coaches Resource Center. There you will find some great resources for the Pee Wee League.


Thank you for all your time and effort and have an enjoyable season. Any questions or concerns please contact me directly.


Jim Reitebach