COVID Guidelines

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(updated May 19, 2021)

Basis for Guideline: NYS guidance as to Sports and Recreation (Updated March 2021)

Screening/Self-Monitoring – expectation to stay home if known exposure/symptoms present

Facility Guidelines
1. Arrival no earlier than 30 minutes before game and leave immediately after game.
2. Masks are not required for vaccinated patrons. Unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask when they cannot maintain social distance.
3. Bleachers will be used for players - spectators responsible for their own seating.

Game Play
1. Coaches, umpires, and staff will be masked at all times, regardless of vaccination status. Players have a choice while in the field and can choose to be unmasked in seating area if they maintain 6 foot social distancing.
2. Plate umpire will be behind home plate or with minimum 6 feet behind catcher.
3. Home plate meeting between 1 umpire and 1 coach for each team. No players.
4. No shared equipment, including catchers or team coolers.
5. Post-game handshake replaced by lineups on baseline and hat-tips. No hugs or high fives.
If a Player/Coach/Umpire becomes symptomatic or tests positive:
1. If a player/coach/umpire becomes symptomatic during a game, game will be suspended.
2. If a player/coach/umpire tests positive:
a. Pause/Quarantine guidelines as per ECDOH
b. Player will need doctor’s note to return to play (minimum 10 days)

COVID Definitions per NY Forward
1. Team Pause – if 1 team member tests positive, all team activity is halted for 10 days but other team members do not need to quarantine.
2. Team Quarantine – if 2 or more team members test positive, teammates will need to quarantine as per ECDOH guidelines.

Any questions, please reach out to COVID officer Heidi Suffoletto at or 716-863-2104.

*Subject to change as determined by evolution of national/local laws or guidelines
*We will not be monitoring vaccination status of any staff, player, or visitor